Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family brings you laughter and the best kind of companionship.

Chuck - ADOPTED!!!

Name: Chuck

Age : 7 years old

Sex : Male

Kids : Yes

Cats : Untested

Dogs : Yes, with slow introduction

Housebroken: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Adoption fee:$250.00

Everyone this is Chuck, he also answers to Chuckster, Chuckles, Chuck-a-Duck, and he is waiting to find his forever home. His vital stats are: neutered, is being fostered in Kingston, 72lbs of love, 6 years young and as you can see by the pictures a handsome Flashy Brindle. He has so much love to give and hopes that the right family comes along soon. Chuck is a pretty laid back Boxer and likes to snooze on his dog bed and snores up a storm. But he is a Boxer so all you have to do is say WALK or CAR and he will race to the door and do his little dance and then sit to have his leash hooked on. He is active and has been going on a walk an average of 2-3 times a day. He walks well with a regular leash and collar and sits automatically when we come to a stop or an intersection. You do need to know that he pulls when he sees another dog or another animal but we have been working with him on this and trying to desensitize him. He has been having some success since he is eager to please. He has not been to a dog park yet but he does like other dogs and his foster sister (another Boxer) get along famously but it was a slow introduction at first. He likes to think of himself as the man in charge but my being firm and consistent with him has meant that he understands who is boss, listens and knows what is expected of him. His behaviour is pretty exemplary with a few hiccups; he does try to sneak on the bed every once in awhile but no dice, down he goes... Can’t blame a guy for trying. Chuck enjoys his treats and is VERY eager to learn. He knows all his basic commands like: sit, down, stay, leave it, stand, recall and blind recall. He is so smart he even knows all the hand signals for these. He is great with adults and children; he is well mannered and greets guests by sitting and waiting patiently for them to greet him. He likes to have his ears scratched, butt patted and will show his Boxerness and by talking to anyone when he wants something, is hungry, needs to use the facilities or just wants some loving. He is fully crate trained and all you have to do is say CRATE TIME and show him his treat filled Kong and he runs into his crate and sits patiently for his Kong. He enjoys the sounds of the TV (prefers the Food Network or HGTV) while being crated and this along with his Kong keeps him happy until someone opens his crate door at the end of the work day. Chuck sleeps on his dog bed in my room wakes up at 6:00 am every morning. He is so predictable there is no need for me to set my alarm. His three favourite times of the day are breakfast, walk time and dinner; his drooling/bubble blowing increases when he the dog bowl comes out. A word of warning... Chuck has been known to clear a room. He has the Boxer trait of gas and is not ashamed of it. Other traits: his version of the Boxer dance and Boxer bounce playing with his foster sister. Chuck does not play with a lot of toys but he does act like a true Boxer by talking; he will bark if the doorbell rings or he sees a stranger approach the house. If you are looking for a big, loveable teddy bear of a dog than Chuck is your dog. He has so much love to give and hopes that the right family comes along soon. He would do well in a home where he is the only dog or one of two...




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