Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family brings you laughter and the best kind of companionship.


Otto has been formally adopted by his foster family!

Hi, my name is Otto and I became a permanent guest at Casa Maggs June 2012. When I was surrendered to Boxer Rescue Ontario I had a large lump on one of my nipples. When my foster mum brought me to the vet they did some tests and determined that the lump was a bad lump and would have to be removed (I had something else removed too - down below, my manly bits), and they also said I had a grade 2 heart murmur. Every boxer lover knows that cancer and heart disease are the two biggest issues with boxers, and I had both! So, in all good conscience, Boxer Rescue Ontario couldn't really adopt me out as a 'healthy' dog. But, don't feel sorry for me! I live in a nice house with a fenced yard, my foster mum is a runner, I'm well fed, given the occasional HUGE bone, and share my life with an older, beautiful boxer gal, Lucy (and can you believe we are both from the same breeder??! can you say F-A-T-E??!). I am allowed to lay on the couch (on a blanket) in the basement when my foster parents watch TV and Lucy and I have 4, count them 4, big dog beds throughout the house. My foster parents are also looking to move in the next year and are looking at places with more property - which means even more space for me to run and play with all my toys. So I am living life to the fullest here. I am loved......and I know it.


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