Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family brings you laughter and the best kind of companionship.


If it is love and loyalty, along with a well-behaved sweet little girl, you are looking for, Miss Mocha certainly fits that bill.  This 1 ½ year old precious girl, will make someone/family very happy. She is an extremely loving and gentle dog. She absolutely loves her snuggles. She would love to be up on the couch or chair snuggled in with us, but knows the rule, and is happy to warm our feet or snuggle on her sheep skin. 

She loves to give doggie kisses on our nose, but we have been teaching her to give kisses without licks. She will now just put her nose on ours when asked for a kiss; well, most of the time, she still gets a lick in every once and awhile. Gotta love those wet doggie kisses!!

She loves to play with her squeaky toy, bouncing it up in the air and catching it, whilst squeaking it the whole time, with her wee little cork screw body wiggling all the while. She’ll bring it over and drop it on the floor in front of me, and get that look of, “Well, are you going to throw it, or what.” When she is outside, she loves to play soccer with her big ball. She runs round, bopping it with her head as nimbly and quickly as any professional player. And of course, she loves chasing it when we kick it. She will amuse herself independently with either, or welcome you into her play.  Either way, it is an enjoyment to watch her comical moves.

Another thing, Miss Mocha really loves, are her night time massages; she just melts, and even gives you an “aaaw”, and looks at you with eyes so full of love. One a day just doesn’t seem enough for her. And, you should see her expression when massage time is over. I know she is saying, “Aw, please, pretty please, just a bit longer!” Can’t really say I blame her!!

Mocha is a smart little one. She learned the new routines quickly, only needing to be told or shown the expected behaviour once or twice. She adapts very quickly to new situations, and trusts easily. She will sit and come on command, and we are going to start to work on the 'stay' command. She so wants to please, I don't think any further training will take too much time or effort.

Today was the first day I left her in the house alone. We started small, 10 minutes. It was no surprise to me that she was the prefect little lady, she just sat on the mat by the front turn, awaiting my return. Her wee wiggly bottom show me how happy she was to have me back home. She has so much love in her wee heart!

Because Mocha is so gentle and loving, she would be a prefect dog for seniors; she is quiet, and quite happy with a couple of short walks, play time with her toys, and love snuggles, every day. When walking on a lead she is so gently you can barely feel her, making her daily walks, a real pleasure!

But, I also see her living very happily in a family with children. She would be the prefect dog for a child’s first pet, again because of her quiet gentleness. I can picture her snuggled up with a child, just loving all the attention and love. She would be so happy running around the backyard playing soccer with her best friend. I’ve been putting a t-shirt on her, to discourage her from scratching, and she is so good about it. I can picture her with a little girl, sitting ever so patiently, whilst her best friend dresses her up and paints her toenails. She just loves my 11 year old granddaughter. An instant bond!!

Over-all, Miss Mocha will fit easily into any household, be it a single person, young couple with children, or seniors. She just wants to be loved, and to love!!!


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