Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family brings you laughter and the best kind of companionship.


After a very extensive interview process with Boxer Rescue Ontario, We first met Lola on November 22, 2012 (which we have designated as her Birthday!!).  We were all very nervous with anticipation!! We talked with her foster family, and Josette (Lola’s foster Mom) agreed to meet us at a halfway point, as she lives a considerable distance from us!  So nice of her!! We pulled into the parking lot of the park, and we saw her! This absolutely beautiful Boxer, with energy to spare!!  Such a nervous time!!  We really wanted her to like us! We went for a long walk through the park, and Lola played, pranced, boxed, and showed us what she was all about!


We decided to contact BRO after we had lost our boxer (Roxy) to Canine Lymphoma 3 ½ years before.  It had been a difficult time getting over the loss of our Roxy, but we decided that we were finally ready for a new member of our family.  A boxer seemed the logical choice, as we had loved our Roxy so much! We talked about getting a puppy, but decided that instead, perhaps we should give a boxer a home, who needed one!


Lola came to our home, very anxious and excited (stands to reason as she had just gone through so much change in her life)!  When I first brought her to our home, she immediately found our cat!  I wasn’t sure how they would get along, and it was a bit shaky in the beginning! Lola was very curious about the cat, and seemed to want to play.  The cat, on the other hand, did not have the same feelings!!  Well, five months later, they are the best of friends!  Funny how a little cat can tell a big dog what to do, and when to do it!!  They actually sleep together now (at times on our bed, along with my husband and my daughter)!  Thank God for King sized beds!! 


The original information regarding Lola said that she was great with kids, a bit too curious about cats, suffered from separation anxiety, and needed to be crated when left alone.  I lived by the rules for a little while, and after about one month of having Lola join our home (I wanted to give her a chance to climatize!), I hired a dog trainer to help us with her separation anxiety.  As much as I know that crate training is a great way to train a puppy, and after crating Lola when we were out, I could see that she really didn’t like to be crated…she definitely didn’t feel that it was her “safe place”, and I really didn’t like the idea of crating her when I was out!  The trainer gave us some pointers, some of which we still follow today, and some that didn’t work for our family environment.  I can proudly say today, that after a bit of anxiety on my part (what would she do outside the crate when we were out??), we finally decided to have faith in Lola, and leave her out of the crate, and what do you know?? She was fine!  I will admit, that to this day, I close off most of the rooms, and I have to clear the counters, as Lola does love to counter surf, but we really have not had any problems to speak of!!  The odd loaf of bread left out that found it’s way to the front doorway, and one broken bowl!! 


Lola has brought so much joy to our home, and she doesn’t even realize it!  She is such a wonderful, loving dog!  My daughter absolutely adores her!  Lola is so patient with her.  My daughter thinks it’s really fun to play “dress-up” with her! Lola just looks at me as if to say “Really!! Do I have to do this??”.  She is so tolerant though, and just wants to please!  She has become such a big part of our family, that all I can say to anybody who is thinking of adopting one of these lovely dogs, is that they will enrich your family, and give you so much joy!  You need to be a little bit patient in the beginning, as everything is new to both you and your new friend, but the payoff is HUGE!! They want nothing more than to make you happy!!  I feel that I have to thank-you to all the folks at Boxer Rescue Ontario for all that they do, and for helping us to find our new FOREVER FRIEND! What a wonderful organization!


Our Sincerest Thanks!

Andrea, Italo, Adrianne, and Lola






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