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Where do I begin with the story of our wonderful adoption of "Fantastic Frank" from Boxer Rescue Ontario...
It was December of 2011 that we got the news of our Boxer/Rotti, Tucker...he has cancer.  It broke our hearts and sent me into a state of sadness, numbness and fight mode.
We loved him, nursed him and enjoyed him right up until he told us one weekend in March 2012 that he was ready to go.  We all went to the Veterinarian and helped him pass on.  It was one of my life's saddest moments.  I have endured a few furry friends deaths and they are never easy.  To put it mildly, it is down right painful.  But, in time we can look upon them all with love, smiles and joyous memories.
As a family we decided to give ourselves (including our other dog) time to mourn Tucker and wait until after our summer holidays to look for another dog.  We visited a couple local shelters and did some research on the internet during our waiting period.  
At the end of August we went to our local shelter and found a dog we all felt a connection with.  We visited him twice over the weekend.  We even picked a name for him...Bauer.  We were ready to bring Bauer home on Monday.  Bauer had to wait a four day period to allow the previous owner to reconnect with him.  I was told to call at 8 am  Monday morning to make sure he was still there.  I called at 8 am and another family that had seen him on the weekend was there proceeding with his adoption.  We did not get Bauer.  My children were so disappointed...and so was I.  I explained to them that it wasn't meant to be and we should all be thankful that another family has come to give him a great home.  
That night I surfed the internet and BRO came up.  I have always loved the Boxer breed and have family and friends who own Boxers.  I was ready to love the high spirit, spunky energy, and goofiness of the Boxer.  I felt our family was ready for it.  
After a lengthy application, waiting period, phone calls, and interviews, we were told that BRO found our family a match and his name was FRANK.  One Saturday in October 2012, we set a date for pick up.  I drove 4 hours to meet Frank and Frank to meet our other dog, Madison.  After a friendly walk and bouncing around in Christine's back yard all signs were a "go" for everyone involved.  We proceeded with the adoption papers and we were the new, very proud owners of "Fantastic Frank".  
Frank walked in our home, bent his body in half with excitement and a stubby tail wiggle when he saw the kids, sniffed around, passed our cat with a "hello" look and jumped on our kitchen couch and lied down, as if to say, "I like what I sniff and see and this couch is just my size".  From that day forward he has warmed our hearts and brought us indescribable joy!  It just gets better and better every day! 
We can't say enough thanks to everyone at BRO who made this all work out with our Frank.  The love, kindness, professionalism and detailed work that all of the people at BRO did is AMAZING.  I will definitely adopt through BRO again and I tell all our family and friends what a great experience we've had with your wonderful group.
One more thing...we want to thank BRO from the bottom of our hearts for giving Frank another chance at life by deciding to do a very extensive surgery on his jaw.  Most organizations would never have done that.  This allowed him to be here with us and allowed him to be "A Boxer".  Our sincere thanks.
With joyous hearts and big smiles,
The Shaw Family


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