Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family brings you laughter and the best kind of companionship.


For those of you who don't know, Primo was very sick when he first came to
Boxer Rescue Ontario. He was very thin, had bad diarrhea, and was eventually
diagnosed with something called Histiocytic Ulcerative Colitis, (otherwise
known as Boxer Colitis), a condition that is caused by a resistant e coli
bacteria.  As his foster mom Barb nursed him back to health, I was
constantly lurking the BRO website. I have always wanted a boxer, they are
kind and loyal and beautiful animals. As a veterinary technician I have
worked with many boxers and have always loved them. My boyfriend and I live
on a small farm and at the time had one little cattle dog mix named Zoey. It
was finally decided that Zoey needed a big brother to play with, which began
our journey to find Primo. Boxer Rescue paired us together and when Primo
came to meet us and Zoey, it was love at first sight! He was still thin, but
was looking much better than the earlier pictures we had seen of him. He was
so happy and playful and got along so well with Zoey - she even boxed with
him! We knew this was a perfect match. Not too long later we were able to
call him "our dog". 4 months later, here we are :) Health wise he is doing
well- he is on a special diet and probiotics to keep his tummy happy. He is
gaining weight day by day and is looking fantastic! He is two classes away
from graduating his basic obedience class and we will continue him in more
training as he loves it! He has been having a blast this summer with his
little sister going swimming and hiking on trails and running and playing in
the fields on the farm. And wow does he ever love a frisbee!! I could go on
for days about how amazing Primo is and how appreciative and happy we are
that BRO brought us together. Sometimes I look back at his early pictures
and am in complete shock as compare those to the healthy happy dog that is
flaked out at the end of our bed sound asleep at our feet. I am so glad he
became a part of our family and Zoey's big brother -they are a perfect
match - they keep each other busy and Zoey keeps him in line! Haha.

Again I just want to say how thankful I am to Boxer Rescue for everything
that you do. And for bringing Primo into our lives. He is truly an amazing


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