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I was pretty apprehensive taking in a dog that was named after the devil and kept envisioning all the destruction and ruin he might impose on me and my four year old boxer girl, Marlee, but thankfully Diablo proved to be the antithesis of his name!

Diablo came to me as a foster in October of 2011, and little did I know that soon he would take up permanent residence.  From the moment I met Diablo we had an instant bond, even though we had to meet for the first time in a public place with lots of stimuli around, he listened well and had an abundance of love to dole out to anyone around (which delighted me to see that he had been properly socialized with people – men, women and children).  The next step was to take him home and meet his new foster sister, I knew that he had previously lived with other dogs but they were of a smaller breed so I was unsure how he would be with a dog his own size.  Forgetting that I had not crated Marlee before leaving, I enter the house with Diablo in tow only to be greeted by Marlee right at the door and again not having the best environment for introductions.  To my elated surprise there were no issues with the impromptu meet, they investigated each other for a couple of seconds and came to the conclusion that now was a good time to start an Indy 500 race around the house which continued for the next three hours (and in all honesty has not really stopped)!  Diablo’s bio had stated that he was a tad food aggressive but never showed any of that at dinner time, he did try to help out his foster sister with her meal but listened immediately when shooed away.  All my reservations and fears were vanishing quickly and even though I had only known him a mere six hours, I was falling in love.  I had to keep reminding myself not to get attached since our previous fosters had bullied Marlee around (since she is such a pushover) and I didn’t find that was fair for her to live constantly in that state.  It wasn’t until about three days later that I noticed him and Marlee’s bond was different from the others.  I was getting ready to leave for work, treats in hand to give to the pups once they went into their respective cages,  Marlee went into her cage obligingly and Diablo followed in after her but Marlee’s crate definitely was not big enough for two full grown boxers.  As I told Dee this, he reluctantly got out of her cage and went into his, Marlee then followed him (his cage was about double the size of hers) so there was no way to fight it – these guys were inseparable!  It was a couple of more weeks before it was official but Diablo had worked his way into our home and hearts forever! 

He is your typical bouncing boxer boy, who has so much exuberance that it always keeps Marlee and me on our toes.  He is filled with love and compassion, who would like nothing more than to give cuddles and kisses all day!  Diablo is extremely vocal and will always tell you what he thinks, which I find absolutely hilarious unless it is when I am on an important phone call – it is at that time when he normally has the most to say.  Before Diablo, Marlee’s energy had started to wane and she was acting a little older than her age but since his arrival he has reinvigorated her (and me) with his uncanny ability to fill a room with energy and enthusiasm.  Diablo has brought so much into our lives and we are grateful for everything he has taught us.

I would like to thank BRO for their continuing work to find all of these lovely souls their forever homes as well as providing them with a warm, safe place in the interim. 

Trista VanDerVeeken

Sarnia, Ontario


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