Our Friends, Soul Mates, Family, they were there when we needed them most.

Our Permanent Foster

September 15, 1998 - August 14, 2009

Tie came to us April 2006 as a 7 year old with some separation anxiety. Since I was out of work at the time, it was a good match - plus we had 2 other boxers in the house along with 5 kids - there was little chance Tie would ever be alone - and in truth he never was.

While at the vet's for his shots, which were due, we found a host of issues. The vet found an ulcer on his eye - which was very painful - and he also had broken teeth that were infected and needed to come out. He was 7, had an irregular heartbeat which meant they needed to do costly cardio workup before he could have any sort of surgery. Unfortunately, they found that he had severe cardiomyopathy and under no circumstances could he be put under anesthesia. By this time he became a permanent foster as he was deemed unadoptable since he was expected to succumb to instant death within 3 months. Although, happily, that's not what happened. Tie was with us for 3 1/2 years!

His crate was dismantled and he never set foot in one again. He enjoyed a large family with 2 other boxers - trips to cottages, weekend camping and until a torn ACL, enjoyed running with his foster mum. Tie was everything a boxer should be - so incredibly sweet and loving with a tail that simply did not know how to stop wagging. One day, Tie simply collapsed. Drew was with him when it happened and called me home from work. I was home within minutes of the call and Tie was still alive, but complete zoned out. In all, it was probably 7 minutes from the time he collapsed until he succumbed. I'm so grateful that he had people with him to see him cross over. Despite having him far, far longer than we expected, we still all grieved for the loss of this gentle soul.

Tie is survived by Andrew, Stephanie, Danielle, Conor, Drew, Ryan and Kaitlin, as well as his canine partner, Lucy.

.....it is so hard to say goodbye.


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