Our Friends, Soul Mates, Family, they were there when we needed them most.

Jan 7/98 - Feb 9/09

It is with great sadness that we let you know that Bill and I helped Roxanne cross over the rainbow bridge today at 11am.

Her illness was relatively short, and we have been told by the vet upon further investigation, post mortem, that he felt thickening in the upper intestines under neath the rib cage, which is a sign of intestinal cancer.

Roxanne was born in Shiloh, Ohio, and came into BRO"s care in 2003 and into our arms in December of that year.

Roxanne was always mommy's girl and shadow, not interested in being anywhere except with her mom.

Roxanne, who was affectionatly known as the tazmanian devil dog, was always fiesty around other dogs, and did not like to share...

She will be greatly missed, and however hard it is to say goodbye, the years I had with her make it all so worth while.

I have written a poem in her memory which I am sharing with you as well as some pics from this morning.


How Can I Let You Go

How can I let you go,
My faithful companion

How can I say goodbye, to one who is always by my side,
Who never judges me, who never sees me in any light except as giver, nurturer, saviour…

You, who are better then a friend, better than a lover,
Who takes me for who I am and never questions…

How can I say goodbye to you, who trusts me to keep you from pain,
Who taught me patience, and loyalty, and strength to fight the good fight…

You ,who are my shadow, my life in this moment
Who trusts me to do what is best and never questions…

Because of these things…
I can let you go

In memory of Roxanne...
By Christine Doyle Gustyn


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