Our Friends, Soul Mates, Family, they were there when we needed them most.

Most of the dogs who come into Boxer Rescue Ontario's care go on to lead long and happy lives with their new families. Happy endings are our specialty just like in a fairy tale. Unfortunately, real life is often not a fairy tale. This is Blossom's story.replica panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt

On February 22, 2011, Boxer Rescue Ontario received one of many similar calls we receive asking if we had room for one more Boxer in desperate need of help. Blossom had been found as a stray and no one came forward to claim her. She was not doing well in a shelter environment and of course our door was open. Blossom came into foster care the very next day.

Upon first arrival, Blossom was extremely emaciated and it was clear she needed urgent care. Her records reported an accelerated heart rate and she was thought to have a heart arrhythmia but luckily this was not the case. Under the watchful care of her foster parents, Blossom bloomed like the flower she was named for into a very skinny but beautiful soul. She got along with her foster brothers and sisters – 14 cats and two other dogs - and was eager to please any human she encountered. After a month of puppy food and some weight gain, Blossom was scheduled for a spay. However, once on the operating table, Blossom surprised everyone when a late-term puppy was found in her womb. The surgery was promptly cancelled and Blossom came home to recuperate and get ready for the birth. Things were now starting to make sense as to why Blossom was not gaining weight in a normal fashion. Like a trooper, she rested and continued to be her happy loving self. Sure enough, five days after her attempting spay Blossom went into labour and 48 hours later she delivered but, sadly, the pup was still born. Every effort was made to revive the little soul but things were just not meant to be. Blossom kissed her pup good bye and after a very restless night finally succumbed to sleep. The next morning she was spry and happy again and just wanted to be held and by the next day she was back to playing games with her foster siblings. Blossom's luck wouldn't hold however and unfortunately, 10 days after her whelping experience, Blossom developed stomach bloat and couldn’t be saved. We sent her gently to her rest, her foster dad by her side for the final journey.

Every dog is special, but there was something extra special about Blossom. She was an extremely intelligent and intuitive dog, one that could easily have been trained as a service dog. You could point to something and she would retrieve it for you. Blossom loved to run with her pack, especially the kittens. She would supervise their play and would separate the scrappers from the group to ensure a safe and happy environment for all.

Boxer Rescue Ontario is a dedicated organization ready to help any Boxer in need of finding a peaceful place to rest and a forever home. Unfortunately not stories have happy endings and while we believe all dogs go to heaven, we also believe some go sooner than they should. We imagine that Blossom's little pup was waiting for her on the other side and that brings some comfort. God speed Blossom from your loving family and friends at Boxer Rescue Ontario. You shall be missed.

Linda Lloyd
Director of Intake
Boxer Rescue Ontario
"Until there are none, rescue one."


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