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I am a foster home with BRO and have been for a few years.  I have had a few fosters, but never one that touched my heart like Dyllon did.  I do not recall how Dyllon found his way to BRO, but when he did, he was 8 years old when he came into my house.  Dyllon came to our family from another foster home with BRO.  I will never forget the day he was brought to me.  He came into our house, walked right up to my son who was in his jolly jumper, and kept trying to kiss my sons face while he was bouncing.  Within minutes of Dyllon being here, I knew this boy wasn’t going anywhere.  I adopted him almost right away, as I didn’t have it in my heart to shuffle him around another time at his age.  My heart was right with this one, he was with us 3 short years, but they were the best 3 years he could have asked for.  Dyllon never got into trouble, he loved all walks of life and was the gentlest soul I have ever met.  He put up with animals coming and going, and never missed a beat or a meal for that matter as he became quite the chunky monkey!  He helped me through losing my very first boxer, helped me when I was stressed and just needed cuddles and kisses.  He used to lick the air with his head tilted, and with his bug eyes he looked hilarious.  He knew how to make you laugh and when to make you laugh. 


Sadly a few months ago, he started having seizures.  I was able to link them to his heart.  Whenever he would exert himself like going up stairs, he would get to the top and go into a seizure.  I took him to the vet and my worst fear was confirmed.  The vet told us we wouldn’t have long with him, but if the meds we tried kept him comfortable, that was all we would be able to do.  We got 2 more weeks with my big boy, when he passed away at home in my arms.  Even then you could tell he didn’t want to leave us, but with me holding him and telling him it was ok to go, he passed.  To this day I still think of him every day.  I miss him terribly but am so grateful for being lucky enough to be touched by such an amazing soul.


There will never be another Dyllon for me, but his gratitude and love for life has kept me fostering and helping other souls in need.  I know that is what Dyllon would have wanted me to do.  Thank you BRO for allowing me to have Dyllon in my life!


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