Becoming a foster home takes special dedication, love, and understanding.


Boxer Rescue Ontario always needs additional foster homes. Without the support of these loving, nurturing safehouses, our program would be challenged to sustaining itself. The foster homes we do have are generally stocked to their maximum capacity and the unfortunate truth is that when we are full, dogs sometimes pay needlessly with their lives. It’s a heartbreaking fact, but with commitment and love you can help.


What is involved?

Becoming a foster home is no small task. It takes special dedication, love, and understanding. There is more to becoming a good foster parent than just grooming and feeding a dog.

Foster homes should have a crate as well as proper equipment and tools to bathe and groom a dog. They should also have a feeding dish, and a place for their new charge to sleep. Foster homes are expected to teach the dogs manners and to acquaint them with living inside. In addition, they need to determine if the dog can be left alone in the house without exhibiting destructive behavior. Foster parents promise to provide adequate testing opportunities that will determine how the dog reacts in different situations. Foster parents are responsible for communicating what kind of personality the dog has, and what living circumstances they feel may be suitable for him or her. All of these responsibilities enable us to arrange a successful adoption. Being a foster parent takes intelligence, dedication and knowledge.

In terms of financial support, foster homes are responsible for providing food for the foster dog, though we sometimes receive donations to supplement this. Veterinary costs are paid by Boxer Rescue Ontario.

Foster homes will have constant support and contact with Boxer Rescue Ontario. While the job has its own difficulties and challenges, being a foster parent for a rescued Boxer one of the most rewarding adventures you can undertake.


Where do I Sign Up?

If you would like to become a Boxer Rescue Ontario foster home you must fill out the foster application and go through a screening process which is very similar to the adopting process.

Fostering may not be for me, but I want to help.

If you think fostering may not be for you just yet, but you want to volunteer your time or any special skills or talents you possess to Boxer Rescue Ontario, please complete this application here: VOLUNTEER APPLICATION or Contact us to find out about other volunteering opportunities.

Online Application

Click on the link below if you would like to apply to foster a rescue Boxer!

Online Application


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Your donations will help bring us closer to eliminating homelessness for our dogs. You can donate any amount you choose, in a one-time lump sum or in small, monthly increments. 

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