"The character of the Boxer is of great importance and demands the most solicitous attention. It is renowned from olden times for its great love and faithfulness to its master and household."

It is harmless in the family but distrustful of strangers, bright and friendly at play but brave and determined when aroused. Its intelligence and willing tractability, its modesty and cleanliness make it a highly desirable family dog and cheerful companion. A Boxer is the soul of honesty and loyalty and is never false or treacherous, even in old age." ~ Anonymous

Kuranda Bed Bonus From ResQwalk

Over the course of August, if we ResQwalk 1,000km Kuranda Dog Beds will donate a bed to one of our adoptable animals!

These beds would be perfect for the dogs who have been in our care who needed a little extra loving like Sadie, Thumbleina or Mr. Wiggles to name a few.

If you would like to make a donation or find out more about the Kuranda beds please click here. Or download the ResQwalk app in your App Store to get walking with us!

2017 Fundraising Calendar - Contest Deadline Extended to This Friday!

We are now accepting photos for our 2017 Boxer Rescue Ontario calendar available this Fall.

This is a very important fundraiser for our organization and, once again, this year you have two opportunities to have your dog showcased in our calendar, even if they are not BRO Alums.

How you ask? Well there's two ways:

1. Submit photos of your Boxer for free! We will use these pictures throughout the calendar. These photos will be accepted until Friday, August 31, 2016 at 11pm.

2. Our additional fundraiser where your dog can win 1 of 2 feature spots within our calendar. These are full-page photos of YOUR pup! For this fundraiser we ask that you donate $20 for each picture that you wish to enter here. Payment can be made via Pay Pal or credit card. Once payment has been made photos can then be emailed to BROCalendar@BoxerRescueOntario.com. Please ensure that the subject line is ‘BRO Calendar Contest Entry’ so we can direct your photo correctly. Also be sure to send only 1 photo per $20.00 donation. Because these photos will be a full page size we require higher quality photos in their original size (no compression). If you have questions about whether your picture is high quality, please send it to us and we'll let you know! Just make sure to ask us to review your photo in your email. CONTEST DEADLINE: These photos will be accepted until Friday, August 26, 2016 at 11pm.

All photos can be emailed to BROCalendar@BoxerRescueOntario.com.

Our Most Recent Adoptees


Sadie and Thumbleina

This is Sadie and Thumblelina's story and we are hoping for a happy ending ...

Sadie (left) and Thumbleina (right) the day they came in BRO's care

Earlier in June we were contacted by a lady needing to surrender her boxers Sadie and Thumblelina (mother and daughter) because she could not afford vetting.

Sadie had recently started seizuring and had a lump on her head that had started growing and neither dog had been to the vet in years. Once we saw the pictures of Sadie and how unhappy she appeared we brought the girls in right away. At first we thought Sadie was the unhealthy one of the pair and she was, but Thumblelina had her own challenges and it is heartbreaking.

It was found, when Sadie was opened for her spay, that she had pyrometra (infection of the uterus) which is considered serious and can be life threatening. We also found out she had pancreatitis and also had a hypothyroid - if this wasn't enough she had a large lump on her head removed showing it was a mast cell tumor.

Dr Z from Joshua Creek Animal Hospital felt it was a good idea to do a chest xray to ensure Sadie's chest was clear under the circumstances and it was, but they saw something strange in her abdominal area. An ultrasound was then ordered and showed Miss Sadie being impacted. Now our sweet girl had to have an IV started and given medication to help her pass the stool. Once she was cleared of the stool she was given an appetite stimulant in hope to get her to eat - she was only 42lbs.

Sadie resting in her crate at the clinic.

After a lot of love and care by the staff of Joshua Creek Animal Hospital we finally have hope Sadie is on the road to recovery if we can keep her eating - It appears she prefers table food over dog food.

Of course this story does not end here because our Thumblelina still needs our help! Thumblelina came in at 90 lbs and with an umbilical hernia which we thought would be fixed while her spay surgery was preformed and her life would be made right after recovery with a brand new family to love her.

Unfortunately during Thumblelina's surgery it was discovered she was a bleeder and Dr Z had to work for hours to get the bleeding under control - she lost a lot of blood. Nine days post op Thumblelina's incision started leaking in her foster home and we had to rush her back to Joshua Creek and another surgery was needed. You can imagine how nervous we all were as she had lost so much blood the first time. Again, Dr Z worked for hours on our girl to get her bleeding under control and we appreciate how far she is willing to go to save our pups.

Thumbleina in her foster home after her first surgery

We were hoping that Thumblelina was on the road to recovery, but now she has developed some sort of open necrotic areas on her shoulders and back - It just seems these girls cannot catch a break. Thumblelina underwent her third surgery on Monday July 18, 2016 to fix whatever is happening - we just cannot believe it. Please keep both Sadie and Thumblelina in your thoughts.

If you can contribute to Sadie and Thumbleina's care, which has gone beyond what was expected, we certainly would appreciate it. Please make a donation through PayPal here. To find out more about Sadie and Thumbleina you can visit their Facebook album here.


Boxer Rescue Ontario is now on Resqwalk! Walk a little or walk a lot. Every walk helps!

What is Resqwalk? Resqwalk is an app you download to use during your regular day while you're walking, running, rollerblading, or during any type of fitness activity.

Once you download the app, create your profile and select Boxer Rescue Ontario as the Rescue you're supporting. Any km you move (walk, run, etc) for the month go towards BRO's total km. The more km we have the larger share of the Rescue Pool we'll receive.

All you have to do is turn the app on before you get moving to help support Boxer Rescue Ontario!


For more information visit www.resqwalk.com or click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Don't forget to turn on ResQwalk while you're hunting for Pokemon with Pokemon Go!


Did you know that you can donate your Canadian Tire Money to Boxer Rescue Ontario? We are very close to running out of Canadian Tire Money that has been donated. Your donation will allow us to buy items such as dog toys, leashes, collars, bowls, food, crates, cleaning supplies, etc.

No matter the amount, your donation can help make a difference and will be greatly appreciated.

You can drop off your donation to any one of our events held throughout Ontario. If you would like to mail it to us, please contact us here and we will provide instructions: www.boxerrescueontario.com/index.php?section=contact.

Thank you!

Until there are none, rescue one!


About Us

Boxer Rescue Ontario is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to placing abandoned, injured or lost Boxers in loving homes. We work with other rescue groups, shelters, veterinarians, breeders and the public to promote responsible pet ownership in and around Ontario. Learn more about Boxer Rescue Ontario.


Boxer Rescue Ontario always needs additional foster homes. Without the support of these nurturing safehouses, our program would fail. The foster homes we do have are generally stocked to their maximum capacity and the unfortunate truth is that when we are full, dogs sometimes pay needlessly with their lives. It’s a heartbreaking fact, but with commitment and love you can help. What is involved with fostering?

Our Mission

Boxer Rescue Ontario  rescues, fosters and adopts out Boxers all across Ontario. We are a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to placing abandoned, injured or lost Boxers in loving homes. We work with other rescue groups, shelters, veterinarians, breeders and the public to promote responsible pet ownership in and around Ontario. If you want to make a difference in a life of a  boxer in search of a new home please consider:  adoption, fostering, volunteering or making a donation.

Together we can make a difference in the life of one of our wonderful boxers!!



Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family will bring you laughter and the best kind of companionship. If you make the wonderful decision to adopt, you will be asked to pay a nominal fee. Adoption fees pale in comparison to the amount of time, money and resources Boxer Rescue Ontario has already spent on routine and emergency medical treatment, housing and food.

Visit our Adopting page to learn more about the process before you apply.

How Can I Help?

Our dogs can always use your help! There are two main ways to lend your hand to Boxer Rescue Ontario: you can volunteer or donate. Donations can be made either in one-time lump sum amounts or by small amounts monthly.

If you would like to volunteer your time or any special skills or talents you possess to Boxer Rescue Ontario, please complete this application here: VOLUNTEER APPLICATION or Contact us to find out about other volunteering opportunities.

Visit our How Can I Help page to learn more about donating or volunteering.



We only accept applications for dogs listed on our Available Dogs page. When a dog’s photo is marked as “Adoption Pending”, it means we are no longer accepting applications for him and he will likely be placed in his forever home soon. Dogs listed on our Foster Dogs page are in our care but not yet available for adoption, and we are not accepting applications for them. Please do not apply for a dog listed on the Foster Dogs page. When a foster dog is ready for adoption, his name and story will appear on our Available Dogs page. That’s when we will begin accepting applications for him. You may apply for as many of our Available Dogs as you like on a single application but be sure to be specific about how your home and family meets the needs and special attributes of each dog that interests you. If your home does not suit the dog(s) for whom you are applying – for example, if you have cats and the dogs is not suitable for a home with cats - we unfortunately cannot consider your application.

Once you submit an application online, it is forwarded to our Director of Adoptions and her team for review. You should receive an automated response from us once we receive your application. However, the review process can take several weeks so please be patient! We are all volunteers and must fit our rescue duties around our own personal lives including families, pets and full-time jobs in most cases.

It is best to check our website regularly to see if a foster dog you may have been following has become available. All applications are sent to the Adoptions Committee so they can select the applicant(s) best suited for that individual dog. BRO’s goal is always to look for the best applicant for each individual dog based on his or her needs. Bear in mind that for younger, easygoing dogs, we may receive many applications so don’t be discouraged if you and your family are not chosen to provide the forever home for the dog you fell in love with on the Internet. We always have many lovely dogs looking for new and wonderful homes. So check our website out often!

Our adoption fee for dogs:  up to age 2 is $500; 2-5 years of age is $400; dogs 6 and older are $250. Since we are a volunteer organization funded entirely by contributions, we count on your continuing support as well as your adoption fees to help defray the costs of caring for our foster dogs. We would happily accept any amounts in over these minimum fees to help other dogs in our care.

We are always looking for donations too. So if you would like to help out while you are waiting for your perfect match or if you are looking for additional ways to help, please visit our Donations Page.


Make A Donation!

Support our rescue Boxers and donate!

Your donations will help bring us closer to eliminating homelessness for our dogs. You can donate any amount you choose, in a one-time lump sum or in small, monthly increments. 

Canada Helps  
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You can also easily direct your United Way donations to Boxer Recue Ontario through your workplace or community campaigns or donations made to United Way canvassers. To find out more about how to do this and the many other ways you can help Boxer Rescue Ontario, please visit our Donation page here: boxerrescueontario.com/donations


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